Hutchlam is a System Integrator for organizations that use technology to manage and optimize their business. We offer end-to-end solutions and help organizations plan, build, support and manage their IT and Telecoms Infrastructure systems. Our main focus is to provide innovative IT & Telecoms solutions and services through the integration of leading vendors’ solutions with our own services capabilities, so as to enable customers to achieve the very best results time and time again.

What makes us different

innovative engineering

We can assist our customers in developing their ideas and requirements into useful products.

exceptional service

We go above and beyond the customer’s expectations.Offer extraordinary and superior service where you go that extra mile to excel.

creative solutions

Let us be your drawing board leave it to the experts at to do what we do best: brainstorm and  Let’s work together

impressive results

As we strive for business growth and excellence, we continue to fulfil our responsibility to the environment and our obligation to the society.

Our Advanced Services

Managed Services

We deliver efficiency improvements, performance enhancements and proactive management techniques to ensure our customer’s IT infrastructure is capable of
supporting their business strategy. To provide customers with tangible benefits to outsourcing their IT operations, Hutchlam demonstrates these techniques through an
established, complimentary business model that understands the needs of our customers.

Professional Services

Our Professional Services are delivered by a team of highly skilled project managers who are trained across a wide range of vendor products and technologies. Working closely with our customers, all project managers take full control of the projects they are tasked with, from original planning and briefing sessions to the successful delivery of all project objectives.

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