Enterprise IT Information Security Solutions

Security Overview

Business relies on IT, so as a business evolves, so do the demands made on IT to enable new ways of working, driving collaboration and ensuring continuous availability. This, coupled with a constantly evolving security threat landscape, increased pressure around compliance and the potentially devastating impact of a security breach, means that today, business doesn’t just rely on IT, it’s dependent on secure IT.Compliance, threat management and data loss prevention are major drivers and challenges for most organizations today. Additionally, business enabling technologies such as wireless and mobility, virtualization and third party connections also pose potential security challenges that need to be addressed.

How can Hutchlam help?

By engaging with Hutchlam you can draw on the skills and experience of security experts who understand that security has to support – not hold back – the aspirations of your business. We provide you with an overview of the risks associated with your IT environment through a combination of vulnerability & DLP assessments and penetration tests services to determine your risk profile, whether you need to gauge your security posture against a defined security standard or gain visibility of vulnerabilities that could be exploited by hackers- you will be better informed to invest in the optimal mix of people, processes and technology to keep your business secured, now and in the future.


Our Approach

We are able to support you through the process of managing your ICT security
risks from conception to implementation and beyond.

Assessment phase

we assist organizations in identifying risk within different parts of their ICT environment

Planning phase

we work with clients to develop a plan to address their areas of risks that were uncovered or explored in the Assessment phase

Architecture phase

we complete – if necessary – a redesign of the security infrastructure to optimally support the organization’s security objectives

Solutions phase

the most suitable security technologies are deployed to meet the organization’s current and future security needs

Operations Management phase

we provide ongoing maintenance for the deployed technologies, assisting our clients in determining whether to outsource the management of some, or their entire security environment.

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