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Data Center Infrastructure  – Assessment Services

Hutchlam’s Data Center Assessment Practice offers vendor agnostic view of how existing data centers optimize the utilization of power and cooling infrastructure. An assessment service which includes data collection, inspection, measurement, analysis and recommendations- helping you meet your business and IT objectives.

How do you ensure you’re getting the best out of your data center?

Hutchlam delivers a wide range of assessment and certification services aimed at newly built as well as existing IT Data Centre and Telecoms Switch Centers facilities. Our assessment services ensure that your existing or newly built Data (or Switch) Centre has been built according to the applicable standards and international best practices. Usually Data Centre contractor claims that the built facilities are on standards such as ANSI/TIA-942, SS507 and ISO-24762 which makes us take them as the basis for certifying audit exercises. At Hutchlam, we make sure that your Data (or Switch) Center standards are in line with the approved international standards.

We have the knowledge to understand that data centers which usually evolve – ‘even if yours is well-planned to start with’ – changes and reconfiguration may have caused your facility to deviate from the industry standards and best practices. Just as a new service offering, Hutchlam Data Centre assessment services provides a complete “Health Check” of your data center which gives you a fresh look at your data center from an expert and unbiased perspective, providing the information you need to form a plan of action that will ensure that your data center meets your current needs and is ready to support your business as it moves forward.

A Health Check examines the current state of your facility’s Layer 1 physical infrastructure, including thermal management, cabling, pathways, cabinets, racks, and telecommunications bonding, evaluates their compliance with industry standards and best practices, and recommends areas in need of remediation or further investigation to optimize your physical infrastructure to support your business goals.

Accredited DC Experts with Vendor neutrality approach makes the difference

Our Data Centre Infrastructure Experts (DCIEs), accredited by International Data Center Authority (IDCA) provide full on-site evaluation with the use of precision test tools for your data center and facilities. They will usually commence engagement by interviewing the business and IT stakeholders, so as to understand your data center objectives, proceed to analyze the current conditions, identify gaps and Our unbiased and holistic approach to infrastructure assessment enables us to identify and quantify issues affecting your data center. Recommendations are categorized for ease of implementation and ROI.

Recommend what needs to be done to ensure that your data center Infrastructure delivers its expected objectives.


Implement our recommendations

Assist in the preparation for external audits of regulatory compliance and certification

Reduce operational cost and your green IT agenda

Support your data center vision and its alignment to your business strategy

Help you improve data center resilience and reduce risks


The output of the Assessments services are used as a “road map for remediation” and building blocks for achieving sustainable improvements plus efficiency gains. At the end of the assessment we will provide you with a comprehensive audit report that:

  • Details the current state of your data center and links it to a Certification Institutes Tier.
  • Outlines ‘quick wins’—improvements you can achieve rapidly and with little investment.
  • Provides recommendations on how to align your data center with your stated business and IT objectives.

Assessment Service Scope

Our data center assessment practice covers all the sensitive aspects of your DC that might be a potential source of disaster or deep concern to you in the nearest future. These aspects include;

•  Data Center Layout and Design Check

•  Cabling, Pathways and Rack Infrastructure Assessment

•  Energy Efficiency Assessment

•  Power – Infrastructure, Redundancy and Resilience Assessment

•  Conditioned Air Delivery and Capacity – cooling capacity and effectiveness, including scalability –Audit

•  Computer hardware assessment – high level observation of computer technologies and racks

•  Environmental Monitoring Audit

•  Physical Security Audit

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